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Lightpourer offers many beautiful fractal designs in many different forms.

  • For personal use on computer desktops, up to 1024 x 768 pixels in 24-bit colour.

    We oversample the images before sharpening them prior to reduction, to provide the best possible results.

  • As fine art prints, suitable for framing, up to 16 x 22 inches.

    We use acid-free gloss paper and acid-free matte papers with Lyson archival inks. This reduces the effects of light on the paper and ink for a long-lasting art print.

    Images are individually colour balanced to ensure the best possible reproduction. We colourmatch from the RGB colourspace to achieve the most accurate reproduction.

    We print some images on glossy photographic paper for vibrant colour and superb clarity. Most material is suited to this highly detailed reproduction method.

    We print some images on watercolour paper for subtlety of colours and an attractive texture. The more subtle images, and sometimes darker images, look far better on this type of paper.

  • As postcards. Steve's first eighteen designs are being prepared as postcards and are expected to be available in May 2000. Contact us for details of the price structure (wholesale and retail).

  • As very large format 'piezo' prints, suitable for framing. We are still proving this method of reproduction but it is expected to be available for one-off and multiple prints this summer.

    Images will be available at A1 and A0, and larger sizes can be produced by special order.

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