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Lightpourer offers the following services.

  • Lightpourer can print your image as a fine art print on acid-free glossy or watercolour paper and send it to you for onward sale, or framing. Discounted prices for quantity prints and reprints will be available to artists - prices will be finalised soon.

    We are familiar with Tierazon, Ultra Fractal, Fractal Explorer and MMFRac (other software can be used where necessary) and sending us the image is not necessary if you have kept the parameters or program source you used to generate your fractal.

    Otherwise, images are accepted on CD-ROM, 100Mb Zip disks, 1Mb or 2Mb Jazz disks or (by arrangement only) we can receive images from a HTTP or FTP website, or via email.

  • If you wish us to select a suitable frame and mount for your print we will be pleased to produce a framed print for you.

    You may like to describe or photograph the intended site so we can select frame colours in harmony with your current decor, or you can let us choose for you.

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