Steve The Healer


I am 55, married, 3 young daughters. For most of my professional life I have been an IT contractor on IBM and other platforms, in software design, development and support roles; I ran a TV graphics studio for 5 years, creating daily requirements and design work for packages and pilot shows, and learnt a lot about broadcast television production!

I was born in July 1955 at Chester Royal Infirmary, Chester, England. I remember it well : I emerged ina delivery room, my left arm preceding me, extended and twisted up alongside my head. My mother was on her back, I was facing up and to my right - I could see my mother's left knee and beyond that, on the white-tiled wall, a white clock with black figures, hands showing 10:23. There were two white-painted pipes running down next to the clock. I thought "Well, here we go again."

I have not known this all my life : I somehow acquired this memory while receiving cranial osteopathy as an adult. After I told my mother, some 40 years after the fact, what I could now remember of my birth she corroborated the story above. She had to have a shot of whiskey and a sit-down first, bless her.

My mother explained she had spent three days in a nursing home not getting anywhere with her labour and eventually was taken to Chester by ambulance to see a specialist, a New Yorker called Dr. Solomon. He dislocated my left shoulder to use the arm to pull me out. My emergence was exactly as I have described! She had never told the story before.

In a subsequent osteopathy session I remembered a death, that of a woman in Buchenwald concentration camp, Germany, circa 1945. I recognised the architecture and lighting from reading done as a youth. Though it was a shock to realise what I was experiencing, it was also enlightening - I could feel the deep peace of leaving the body and also the grieving of thousands of angels all around.

I have felt that ineffable peace in this life : when my middle daughter was in the womb I spent a minute using my abilities to scan for her; for a few moments I connected with her as she floated, awaiting developments. I had a sense of weightless, timeless, peaceful 'being there' and realised I was touching the mind of a foetus. These events underpin the authenticity of my skill and demonstrate the subtlety of the healing gift I have.

                    It has been some years since I began to develop this craft, now I am prepared.
                                                                                                           - Steve Morris