Steve The Healer

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    Steve {dȯt} theHealer {åt}


In the real world I live near Staines in Surrey.

My home can be a busy place at times (my wife is a Registered Childminder) and
at the moment I do not have a good space available for healing work, so I would
visit you. I am happy to travel for up to an hour or so, depending on the route.

I don't mind others being present while we work and I will work on any person
present who would also like therapy.

I have been Police/CRB checked against the relevant databases and so approved
to work with babies and children (who are often the most responsive patients!)

For expectant mothers some therapies have limitations, or may be unsuitable.

Note: Any therapy I offer you shouldn't be considered as replacement for medical
treatment. It is important that you continue to heed medical advice and remain on
schedule with all prescribed medicines even though you may feel improved after a
session of therapy. Please ensure you disclose all medical conditions and details of
any medicines and/or alternative medicines you are taking at the time of therapy.