Steve The Healer


Q. How do you do what you do?

A. The physics of healing is a mystery ... science can't explain what I do. I simply use my intention : the more I have confidence in my 'magic powers' the better they work. If I can think it, I try it - that's how chi poultices came about.

Q. Can you prove this is really healing?

A. Yes. Healees are witnesses, who couldn't make it up. Incidents from my past are told as they happened ... truth-telling goes with this territory. I also have some testimonial letters (which I must scan and publish!)

Q. Can you see auras?

A. Not in the way some people do, I 'feel' aura via synaesthesia; I perceive textures and motion mostly. I have seen flashes of white light from people but I don't know what it is, I presume it's Spirit Guides' data going by ...

Q. How can you remember the room you were born in, babies can't focus?

A. I am told babies can focus at birth but soon lose this ability. My visual memory is like any other, so it was seen with my eyes or with 'spirit' eyes. Babies lack the mechanism for laying down permanent memory in the brain with RNA, so I shouldn't be able to remember the scene! Perhaps it's a 'given' memory, though how it was given I could not guess.

Q. Can you read minds?

A. I have received telepathic visual messages with emotional aspects when an urgent message had to reach me. Often I'm in sync with someone, have thought or uttered exactly the same words. This is commonplace for many. Literally reading minds, no, though I am an empath and I work with emotional constructs.

Q. Can you help people with terminal illness?

A. Anything I can do to help someone better deal with terminal illness is worthwhile and may assist remission. I don't know what my limits are, I could not claim to do more than I have already - I have worked miracles but they are usually small ones.

Q. Have you done healing 'at a distance'?

A. Yes, though it's hard to evaluate results from sending. I sent to a badly injured cat in America and she made a full recovery, against the expectations of her vet. Also see Neck pains eased at a distance.

Q. Have you worked on animals?

A. A few times. They like therapy, cats always enjoy Reiki. A friend's dog had a problem with placing her rear foot; I worked on the spine and found stuff to clear : the dog appreciated it, she 'spoke' to me, and she recovered, though how much I helped is hard to say.