Steve The Healer


Applied Kinesiology (AK) was developed by Dr George Goodheart DC, a Chiropractor from Detroit, MI. He devised a detailed diagnostic system that uses muscle testing to evaluate a person's state, and he adopted many Western and Eastern techniques to help restore balance.

I do not subscribe to his methods, per se, nor have I been trained in AK but I have a similar technique which does the same job : I make enquiries of the 'operating system' of a person by asking them to make a loop with first finger and thumb. Then I use my finger to try to pull through their loop in response to a question I have asked of their system.

Let's say I ask for estimate of kidney function, scale 1-failed to 10-healthy. I start quoting numbers and then pulling at the loop : it holds as I count up 5,6,7 but lets me pull through as I test 8. This indicates 8/10 efficiency.

It isn't infallible. Sometimes it seems the polarity is reversed and a let-it-through means Good/Positive when for another person it would mean Not Good/Negative, so I always ask to see which means Yes and which means No. I sometimes get Maybe when the loop opens but does not yield completely, and this can be very useful.

AK has been tested in double blind trials and shown to be hokum. When testing this type of technique double-blind trials have a serious drawback - it's not that systems fail when tested that way, it's because there is a lack of mutual intention.

The intention of a healer to heal and a healee to be healed is part and parcel of the subtle interaction taking place between two spiritual persons, and much of what I do is based on this. Double-blind tests take away the inter-personal aspect and so doesn't show results which correspond to the actuality of everyday clinical use.