Steve The Healer


The 'chi poultice' is one of the most powerful techniques I have developed. It is like an old-fashioned herbal poultice, which would be applied to a wound or infection and left in place to 'soak in' and do it's work, but it consists solely of an organised and structured conglomeration of 'chi' or 'life energy'.

Despite my technical background (maths, science, medicine, computers and technology) and wide use of the scientific viewpoint (proper process, hypothesize and experiment, analyse results, draw logical conclousions), and despite a deep interest in, and a fairly technical understanding of things like quantum mechanics, particle physics and cosmology I am completely unable to explain how they work.

In fact, I would welcome investigations into what is going on with my poultices because they are very effective as well as being completely invisible!

To read about an example, see Mending a bad hip with an invisible poultice where I sucessfully fixed a bothersome hip joint.