Steve The Healer


Gary Craig founded Emotional Freedom Techniques : a needle-free version of acupuncture for emotional problems. It is based on work by Dr. Roger Callahan about the connection between the body's subtle energies, the emotions, and health. EFT has worked in thousands of cases covering a huge range of issues - it often works where nothing else has.

I can vouch for EFT. In 1999 I was bullied by an IT agency worker in Frankfurt-am-Main, Germany. He caused my fight/flight response to trigger by means of malicious lies and pathological behaviour amounting to psychological abuse.

Among the side-effects of this incident were immune system deficiency giving rise to constant multiple infections, and internalised anger. My whole life was disturbed by post-traumatic stress disorder symptoms and eventually I lost my health and so my business cold not continue.

I was offered EFT by a friend who had taken a course and we carried out a tapping procedure on the anger I felt. The results were amazing! Like a large cartoon soap bubble, some sort of bubble burst within my aura, up above my left shoulder - this left a sudden void and the impression of a few short radial lines at the centre which winked out to nothing. It was unexpected, very odd, and it worked : I immediately felt better.

Interestingly, like a tongue notices a new tooth socket, I could feel a round, dished interface between my aura and the void which had opened up in it. The sense of a boundary there gradually faded away. Subsequent use of EFT on a number of events throughout my life made a big difference to the 'background level' of tension.

Easing tension in the mind will ease tension in the body and help prevent dis-ease. Some of my abilities are as effective as EFT; sometimes the precise problem need not be known, nor does a patient need to revisit bad experiences and some things can just be fixed, as if by magic.