Steve The Healer


I use the phrase 'Emotional Resonance Therapy' to describe a method for removing strong emotional patterns (or engrams) from a person, with the intention of easing both mind and body.

The technique is an abstruse one - I use my own presence as a tool to examine the inner workings of another person by becoming at one with them at some energetic level. THere are not the words to describe how it feels to be among the presence of another person, I sometimes pick up a huge range of synaesthetic impressions akin to a dream state experience, and sometimes I just feel what the other person feels.

I often am able to sense a large complex space in which I have to navigate towards whatever may need attention. This is akin to the traditional skill of dowsing for water and I am fascinated that I can use the ability in this way.

This immersion of my self in another is not without risk, but over the years that I have practiced this technique I have had very few problems with retained emotional constructs and impressions from other people.

You may like to read about Easing the grief of loss and bereavement, which describes the power of this technique when successfully applied.

I am still developing this method of working.