Steve The Healer


My massage therapy is based on the techniques taught at the London College of Massage. Over the years I have acquired a raft of other techniques from a variety of massage styles. It is very useful when there are many emotional and tension issues to dispel. As an adjunct to meditation and deep rest it provides a powerful means to permanently remove tension and stress from the body.

The mind naturally echoes the body and so massage enables deep relaxation of the mind. I have had clients receive but half an hour of massage and then spend over ninety minutes in deep relaxation, which is very calming and energising.

In fact, the majority of my massage clientele come for the deep relaxation that this work brings - I often book double sessions to cater for the requirement for resting after the work. I keep busy making a nice cup of fruity tea and writing up my notes while my clients take care of business for me, in almost complete silence.

I have augmented traditional massage techniques by use of additional elements - I will work the physical muscle to clear toxins and relax tissues, and then include sweeps with Reiki and/or spiritual healing (if a participant has arrived) to clear the energetic systems.

After a full body treatment (which is a 60-minute full back, legs and buttock massage followed by a turn and frontal massage) I work on the individual chakras. This combination of physiotherapy and energetic therapies produces profound results and is very beneficial.