Steve The Healer



My sensitivity to the subtle energy flows, and to Reiki fields, enables me to scan for problems. I gather that my method is akin to that originally taught by Dr. Usui, a method called Byosen Reikan. This technique was apparently lost after his death but has since been re-discovered. For me, it was a natural activity to attempt within this work and I find it generally works well.

Byo means disease, sen means before, ahead, precedes. Rei represents energy, spirit and kan is emotion, feeling, sensation. When I scan for byosen I feel various synaesthetic sensations which guide me : these comprise tingling, attraction, repulsion, flowing sensations, textures like bumps or hessian, analogues of coolness and warmth, length and space. These sensations are called hibiki, resonance.

If I sense a byosen in someone I treat it persistently until it dissipates. Sometimes this requires several sessions of work, sometimes it happens instantaneously.. Removal of a byosen prevents the related disease (or dis-ease) developing; if the byosen is associated with an existing problem then that problem clears up.