Steve The Healer

Tracing electrical routes

I often use my sensitivity to enable me to trace electrical routes in the body. This is especially useful when tracing what is called 'referred pain' - this is pain experienced in one place which is actually caused by problems in another place.

Some referred pain is caused by pressure on a nerve. A common example of this is sciatica, which is powerful pains in the hip and thigh caused by pressure on the sciatic nerve in the place where it exits the spinal column to make its way across to the leg.

Another common referred pain is angina, which is experienced as powerful pains in the pectoral muscles of the upper chest. This is referred pain from the heart, which itself has a relatively sparse system of pain nerves and so 'pain outputs' from the heart are manifested further back along the nerve pathway.

I had a patient with severe pain in her upper arm, between the biceps and triceps muscles. When it went off she was in agony, sometimes for a split second and sometimes for minutes at a time. I traced the pain back along the nerve into the shoulder, and then across and up into the neck where I could sense some sort of physical disturbance which could cause a pinch.

I laid her down and applied some treatment of the back of her neck with acupressure on certain tsubos, some general massage to loosen the whole neck area, some easy rolling of her head and gentle neck stretching to encourage any trapped vertabral facets to release. This was effective in restoring her into the correct posture and so took the pressure off the affected nerve bundle.