Steve The Healer


One Sunday afternoon I had a visit from my wife's parents. The previous afternoon they had been walking in the countryside in Surrey and they both had unexplained aches and pains in their backs and shoulders which required therapy. You may like to read about my work on Bob.

There was an interval between working on Bob and then turning to his wife Kate. As I rose to treat her I felt very tired, I had a nasty cold and I was feeling rather weary and lazy. So lazy, in fact, that I did not perform the usual brief ritual and visualisation by which I announce (to those that listen for such things) that I'm doing some healing.

Just as I started examining Kate's back I saw someone (superimposed on regular vision by my mind's eye) fade and kind of swing into view. She was visible in my mind against black - a diminutive woman of advanced years, dressed in a pleated skirt with matching jacket, a white blouse, a string of pearls at her throat.

She had white permed hair, slightly pressed-together lips, and she wore gold-rimmed glasses with round lenses. She looked directly at me, a little severely, over the top of her glasses and said, "Tch-tch-tch! you haven't prepared properly."

With that she stepped into the space I occupied and assisted me to remove some strange energetic things from my patient. Now, of course, I always make a point of fully preparing every time, I don't want to get a reputation for doing sloppy work, or not making the right arrangements for the help I get!