Steve The Healer


I was visiting a friend who works in a local office, I was waiting for him to be ready to go for lunch. A lady nearby was calling out for some painkillers because she was getting 'one of her headaches', so I offered to help.

I could feel where her neck muscles were knotting up at the back edge of the skull, I presumed it was caused by poor posture at her computer. Some careful fingertip massage, using my sensitivity to pinpoint the relevant tsubos, together with some light magic released all the tension and removed the pain which it was causing above her eyes .

After 30 seconds treatment the improvement was sufficient to make the use of painkillers unnecessary.

Follow up :

I didn't visit that office building for over one year - when I did I saw the lady whose headache I had fixed. She remarked, with delight, that not only had I cured her headache that day, but that a long series of similar headaches had also ended, and she has not had one since.