Steve The Healer


My Father-in-law brought his neighbour, Pedro, to see me for emergency therapy. Pedro had been jumping up and down atop a loaded skip, to press down the contents, when he had slipped and fallen very heavily against the top edge of the side of the skip.

He had fractured several ribs on the right and had been treated at a hospital. He had residual pain in his chest from the rib injuries but far more troubling were the injuries to his right hand.

When Pedro landed his hand was crushed between his ribs and the flat top of the skip side : it took the full force of his fall and the energy which was not absorbed by his ribs as they fractured had compressed the muscles, soft tissues and tendons between his phalanges; he had bruising against bone, swelling and inflammation.

As I scanned his hand I used my basic energy techniques to remove hindering emotional responses to the initial impact, then I worked on detaching the pain and relieving the after effects of the shock to the tissues in the hand.

To finish this work I used a technique I call 'ravelling back' : I strongly suggested to his system, carried on a strong influx of Reiki energy, that the various physical and energy structures in his hand should easily go back into the state they were in before the accident. This technique has worked before on little injuries, like minor bruises and scrapes but I had never tried it on a more serious injury.

It worked! He reported later that the pains in his chest had ceased as I worked on him and had never returned, and his ribs had subsequently healed well without further discomfort. His hand also stopped hurting after I had worked on it and also healed well without further pains or problem.