Steve The Healer


Miriam's mother is an old lady, a widow. She wanted to try my healing.

When I worked on Miriam's mother I took from her the core of grief which remained in her from a time of great loss. I think it was the death of her husband.

I had done some healing work around her and exposed to my scanning sense something pretty big that needed to be taken away - I could tell it was big but not yet what it was, it was bound up very tightly in her self. I did some light magic to enable her to more easily allow me access to her energy systems.

Then I knelt before her and took her hands in mine, turning them palm to palm for the most effective contact. I reached in to her space until I was able to access the matter in question and over a period of about twenty seconds I drew out what I felt.

I was wracked with sobs, grimaces, shudders and gasps as I felt both the echoes of, and some essence of, the very powerful emotional content that she no longer needed to keep. She had been very deeply upset at her loss.

Finally, I let go of her hands and rose.

She looked up at me and said "I feel much better for that, thank you."

Job done!