Steve The Healer


At work one day I saw my colleague Peter trying to ease discomfort in his left shoulder. I asked what was the matter and learned he had an old injury from working as a builder - his left shoulder had restricted movement and was uncomfortable at the back. I had a nudge from elsewhere so I offered to look at it.

I scanned his back : he reported feeling warmth and then coolness as I worked. I sensed his injury beneath the left scapula, lower end. This is an area where several muscles overlay each other - sometimes, bringing the arm into unusual positions can upset the arrangement of these muscles.

As I scanned I felt that it had occurred when he was under time pressure, and that after the injury happened he was angry and in great pain. At this I released blocks I could feel in his muscles and felt the character of the affected area change.

My reading of emotions locked into his injury was accurate : Peter described trying to get a fencing job completed before a certain time, as dusk approached. While easing a support member into place using a 'drawn bowstring' stance he had slipped, ricked his shoulder, and become cross at the pain and delay it caused.

The following day he reported that his shoulder was free of problems. He further demonstrated he had now regained normal freedom of movement by going sailing that the evening. He was stiff and aching the day after that from the exertion of his sailing, but his old injury was no longer bothering him.

The problem lay in the area where the Teres Major meets the Rhomboid Major muscle. Release of the tension and emotion resolved the hitch in an area where several muscles adjoin.