Steve The Healer


Suzanne had a hip joint that was playing up and causing her much discomfort. I noticed her pain and offered to help out.

She had some relevant history : her hips were very loose when she was a baby, so she had had bindings applied to improve them while she grew. As an adult she had been pregnant with a very large baby whose birth was particularly difficult and this seemed to have disturbed the hip such that it did not settle back in place properly.

Her left hip would sometimes lose motor control without warning, which was very dangerous. It generated a lot of aches and pains and was a constant nuisance. I examined her and concluded that the area needed to ease back into place. While I considered my approach I received a mental nudge to do some yoga exercises. I get little nudges from time to time, it's someone on the 'other side' helping out.

After an impromptu series of gentle yoga moves, stretches and bends which straightened my spine, opened my chest and improved my alignment, I used my abilities to create a ball of healing energy. These form when I slowly rub my palms together - I can generate intense collections of Reiki energy in them. I cupped my hands and built up this contruct until it was the size of a large party balloon.

I carefully positioned the three-dimensional 'energy poultice' in Suzanne's body and left it to soak into her. Over the following week to ten days her hip improved : the losses of power tapered off, the aches and pains stopped occurring.

Within two weeks Suzanne was experiencing no problems with the hip, and despite the rigours of another childbirth since, and the consequent loosening of her pelvic area, she has had no further trouble.