Steve The Healer


A company near me was Freecycling some old wooden desks, so one fine morning I spent some time going in and out through Reception as I dismantled the desks and brought the pieces downstairs and into my SUV.

While chatting to the receptionist over a refreshing glass of water my healing work came up and she said I had a job to do, indicating a pain problem low on her neck. I see this type of problem frequently, it is typical of PC use with the head leaning forward at the wrong angle.

I said I would take care of her neck for her in a while and went back to manual labour on another disassembled desk. While I loaded up I visualised the steps I would need to take to fix her neck.

After I had finished loading and tidied up my tools I returned to reception and asked if she was ready for some therapy.

"No need now," she said, smiling, "over the past ten minutes it has all gone and I feel much better."

I went on to scan her and, though I did some work elsewhere, her neck felt quite well and needed no further attention.