Steve The Healer


While I was in the supermarket there was an incident : a young boy of about seven years, shopping with his grandparents, fell backwards and struck the solid floor with the back of his head, BOK! As they picked him up he started crying louder and LOUDER, and they could not console him.

On impulse I stepped up to the grandfather with the boy in his arms and reached up to the back of the boy's head and carried out a therapy I call 'ravelling back'. I reach in and suggest with a certain 'push' that things within the system of the patient return to the way they were just before the injury.

I then drew out what I sense as gossamer ... ultra-fine strands of something intangible that carry within them the emotional shock of the impact of head on floor.

Instantly the boy stopped crying and turned to look at me in astonishment. I knew from past experience of this therapy technique that his pain had completely gone away and that he was also quite calm now. His grandparents also turned to me, completely amazed at this sudden change of mood.

In an attempt to dispel the look of wonder and confusion on their faces I quickly explained I was a healer, that his headache was all gone now and he would be fine, then darted away into the throng of shoppers.

I could be challenged for working on this child without the proper permission. But, it was a natural response to his suffering; and I made no physical contact with him.

Besides, it is rare that I get a chance, out in public, to behave like a super-hero with magic powers ...