Steve The Healer


The daughter of a client recommended me to Miriam, who 'felt in need of some healing'. She was medically well but out of sorts : burdened with a mature son temporarily living at home, and by a difficult relationship with her aged mother, a strong character with attitude, with whom she did not always get on well.

When I visited her she was slightly stooped, looked a little tired and was lacking energy. She was clearly troubled.

When I scanned her I found the synaesthetic feedback from within her chest was very unusual. It 'felt' as though she had a 2m scaffold pole passing through her chest, in one side and out the other. It 'felt' grey and cool, and also solid at each end, a sealed cylinder. One cannot always fathom what is presented.

I decided to work on it and so I engaged with it with the intention of reducing the length of the thing so the ends were within Miriam's body. As I engaged it so it responded and as I caused its length to reduce so its diameter increased to preserve its volume. After about half a minute of gentle persuasion it was only as wide as Miriam yet its diameter had more than doubled.

I withdrew and recharged my batteries for a minute before re-engaging - this time I gently lifted it out, whereupon it dispersed completely. I cannot offer any precise explanation of what I was sensing, nor what I did to affect it and remove it.

I went on to do other, much more routine mending and Reiki work on Miriam. Though one cannot be sure of what has been affected or changed, the results speak for themselves : I aver that as I left she was standing tall, calm, smiling and bright-eyed, and looked radiant.

I later returned and worked on Miriam's mother.