Steve The Healer


My father-in-law took me to see a neighbour who had a very serious problem - he could not raise his glass to drink! I examined the man physically and with my scanning sense and found no injury, yet he could not lift his right arm without pain and so he could not drink with his right hand.

A little more scanning elicited some emotional prompts in the back of my head and I asked if he was annoyed about something. He said he was cross about something at work and I felt this was the key to his trouble.

I worked down his back and found a sore point on the right of the spine near L2 so I applied a little massage there and also traced energy flows from that area into the surrounding nerves and muscles.

This led me to a problem beneath the lower tip of the right shoulder blade where emotional energy was affecting the muscle's ability to relax and the effect was to limit movement of the shoulder blade, hence limiting the positioning of the arm.

Some massage, then some 'reaching in' and clearing out emotion stored there produced a strong release. After only a few minutes work the man was feeling much better and could drink with ease! Soreness from the problem and related 'guarding' tension soon faded and he recovered completely within 24 hours.

You can read how Peter's shoulder injury was fixed by a similar release from the layered muscle group beneath the lower tip of the scapula.

The problem lay in the area where Teres Major meets Rhomboid Major. Release of tension and emotion resolved a hitch where several muscles adjoin and overlap.