Steve The Healer


One Sunday afternoon I had a visit from my wife's parents. The previous afternoon they had been walking in the countryside in Surrey and they had both developed unexplained aches and pains in their backs and shoulders which required therapy.

I treated Bob first. He was complaining of a pain in the back of his left shoulder and shooting pains across his back into the other shoulder.

When I brought my hands up to his back to scan him back I sensed, upon his left scapula, a small white sphere about 1.5 cms in diameter - it resembled a pearl. It was sending little white bolts of energy across to a similar sphere which was lodged upon his right scapula. The second sphere was not as bright as the first but it was becoming brighter by the second.

I reached in with an invisible hand and removed first the left object, and then the right object. As I brought them out I blew on them, which made them dissipate. As I dispersed these strange things Bob reported that the pains in his back had gone : they did not recur.

Exactly what those things were, and what they were doing, I have not the faintest idea.