Steve The Healer


Pedro, whose drinking arm and crush injuries I eased, asked me to look at his brother-in-law Andre, from Spain, whose left shoulder wasn't working properly. Andre couldn't touch the back of his neck, nor his waist at the back, nor tuck his shirt into his trousers. For two years he had found no remedy in Spain despite seeing several specialists.

The shoulder is one of the most complex parts of the body - a multi-axial ball and socket joint that is 3-joints-in-1 using eleven major muscles, cushioned by five bursae. Formal testing could take a long time : my methods are quicker. I made three seperate passes across the shoulder and related tissues and muscles, working intuitively to release tension and knots in muscles and ease blocked flows.

When my prodding didn't produce the freedom of movement expected I began to wonder if I could fix this problem. I was considering how to explain this to someone lacking English when I was 'prompted' to extend his left at shoulder height.

I supported his arm fully, up at shoulder height, away from his body and signalled that he should slowly straighten his arm. As he did so there was a nasty scrunching sound as the joint freed. It hurt him briefly, then he smiled because he could now touch his collar, scratch his back and tuck in his shirt!

The following day he reported that his shoulder was free of problems, albeit a little tender, and that he had had the best night's sleep for over two years. We went on to fix intermittent sciatica which was causing severe pains from hip to knee in both legs.