Steve The Healer


One afternoon I saw a retired policeman who was in much pain. He needed a walking stick to move about, could not bear any weight on his left leg, and his knee, hip and mid-back were filled with strong pain. He did look a bit ashen.

I presumed that he had a trapped nerve somewhere in his back causing referred pain. I prepared to work and then used both of my hands, palms towards him, to scan down his spine from the neck towards the coccyx.

When I’m scanning for problems in this way I get a synaesthetic feedback of what I’m examining : the energy streams and systems of the patient are somehow sensed and my impression is of a variety of textures, or smooth or turbulent fluid flows.

In this case I sensed a normal “orange peel” texture down his back until I reached the lumbar region, specifically vertabra L3. At this point the feedback changed into something resembling a badly rendered triangle in a video game - a projecting black prism with bright green lines flickering across its surface.

The act of detecting this anomalous structure was sufficient to cause it to evaporate to nothing under my invisible touch and the former policeman felt immediate relief from the pain. His hip was again able to take his weight with only slight discomfort and I suggested he rest for the remainder of the day and see how it went.

The treatment had taken less than ten seconds and I hadn’t even touched him.

Follow up :
   The next day, I hear, he was dancing around his kitchen waving his walking stick, completely free of pain and singing my praises. Now, that is a result!