Steve The Healer


The first time I took away back pain it was accidental! I was on a tea-break with a colleague at an airline where I worked in IT Support : my friend Colin and I had a common interest in alternative medicine.

One Monday morning he had terrible backache - the previous afternoon he had spent several hours in a kneeling position, on the floor, sorting out an arc of papers spread before him. Taking his upper body weight in this way had made the ligaments in his lumbar spine deeply ache.

Subsequently we discussed the vital force the Chinese call 'qi'. I attempted to give a demonstration by having him offer his hand, palm vertical, while I placed my hands each side and attempted to elicit a sensory response in him from directed qi. When I imagined an energy flow he could feel something, which he found interesting, so I sent from my left hand to my right, and from my right hand to my left. Then I 'pushed' towards him and then I 'pulled'.

Shortly afterwards I realised I had developed terrible backache. Further, it was the same kind of ache that Colin would have had, and in exactly the same place, so I approached him and asked how his backache was.

"I was going to come over and speak to you about that," he said, "because since we were talking a while ago it has all stopped."

"I know," I replied, "because now I have it!"

We were surprised and puzzled. Eventually the 'copied' ache faded but I have never forgotten how easy it was to reach out to someone and take away their pain. Since then I have learned how to avoid contamination - when I take stuff from a client I rarely get side effects other than a faint 'echo' sometimes at things pass me by.